The 10 Best Self-Indulgences for Writers

If you’re anything like me, there’s no way you can not buy yourself anything at Christmas time. Especially if you’re spending a lot of time in the book store shopping for other people. I always keep a list on my phone, or really, a roll of pictures of the books I want to read ASAP, but sometimes there’s a book or something else that just jumps out at me and I have to get it NOW. Though I do try to resist, especially if I’m still hoping my husband will buy me something on my list, sometimes I give in. Either way, here are some of the things I will be indulging myself with this holiday season (or shortly after when the sales come in January). When it comes to self-indulgence, these are the things I love

    1. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate (I could say that way more than three times). I’ll admit, it is one of my favorite reading snacks. I keep a bar in the nightstand just for the purpose of having some chocolate to eat during my afternoon reading session. I don’t eat it every day, but when I do, it’s good, high quality chocolate. Godiva is one of my favorites.
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2. Pretty, Pretty, Classics. I have a weakness for pretty books. Especially if it is a beautiful copy of a book I already own, for instance. I may own more than one copy of Pride and Prejudice. That may be more than I need (seeing as I only need one). But sometimes the books are just so darn pretty I can resist.

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3. Seven Year Pens. I also may own more than one Seven Year Pen. Maybe because the ink is supposed to be able to last for seven years. Maybe because of the cool colours and awesome designs. Or maybe because I’m just the type to indulge. And hey, a writer always needs a pen, because what if your phone dies? or your laptop? and all you are left to work with is – GASP – pen and paper???

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4. Notebooks. I’ve said it many, many times, but I just can’t resist notebooks.

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5. Smelly markers. This is a new one for me. Or maybe a really old one, since as a child I loved the markers that smelled like cherries or blueberries or what not. But nowadays the scents are much more diverse, and you can find markers like roasted marshmallow, tropical punch, and coffee, to name a few.

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6. Coffee. Sometimes, all that keeps me alive is coffee. Okay. Maybe I need food too, but Coffee is my creative life’s blood. There is rich dark roast, light acidic coffee, and of course, Tassimo. I’m one of those people in a love/hate relationship with Tassimo – I love the ease of use but hate the waste. I also have a French Press (which I use ever so rarely). As, even though I’m loath to admit, I’ve been brewing a T-Disc daily. French Vanilla is my favorite.


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7. Vacations. There is nothing I like more than a trip. Not only does it bring fresh inspiration and a break from the everyday, but it usually means I’m not working and therefor have more time to do my chosen work (see #10). This winter I’ll be heading down to Mexico, but earlier this year I made my escape out to Vancouver, where I spent a good chunk of time drafting Twisted Currents, some of which takes place in this fantastic coastal city.


8. Great, Inspiring Movies. Sometimes, reading a great book just isn’t enough, or I need a change of pace. Sometimes a movie is more inspiring than reading a book (though rarely if it has been based on a book), and it is finished a lot more quickly. Because it’s not reading, watching a movie is an indulgence. Often, I don’t let myself watch a thing unless I’ve finished my daily word count. So when it comes to a treat, movies are at the top of my list. A favorite choice of mine is Star Wars. In fact, I’m going to see Rogue One this coming Monday, and I can’t wait.

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9. A new laptop. Okay, I’m going to tell you a secret. I own three laptops. Yes, three. And a table with a keyboard. Two of them are old, i will admit. But they still work. I didn’t have to replace them. But I did. Currently, I do the majority of my work on a MacBook Air. It is light and portable and a beautiful shiney silver. Still, it is getting a bit aged, maybe I should see what else is out there….

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10. Time. This is the one thing that I really need more off, and it’s probably the cheapest thing to buy. I buy myself time all the time, by refusing the clean the house, by cutting back on sleep, consuming more coffee, and ignoring the television. When there is a writing project I want to get done, the only thing I need is time (well, I suppose I need my laptop, too). So, if you have time to spare this Christmas, be sure to send some my way. It will be greatly appreciated.


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