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A writer of young adult fiction specializing in self-publishing, creativity, and writing.

Torc Draft 3

Forgotten Treasures Hold Forbidden Dangers…

Aurora Daniels has just finished her first year of university and is ready for summer fun when she meets Garret, the mysterious older brother of her best friend, Ivy. Garret isn’t what Aurora expected, yet her connection to him is undeniable. But something lurks beneath Garret’s charming exterior, a danger that Rory isn’t prepared for.

As Rory spends more time with Ivy and her brother, she grows closer to Garret, until the undeniable attraction turns into something more. But a relationship with a cursed soul isn’t simple. As Garret’s mysteries are slowly revealed, Rory learns that she isn’t all that Garret wants. He wants something else, too. Something that would mean giving up her family and her future to undertake a dangerous journey through a land lost in mist and fog. A journey that will change her life forever. A journey that might lead her to her grave.

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One mistake, that’s all it took for Brix to be shipped off to Europa. Sure, it was a big mistake and she nearly died. But did her father really have to exile her to a tiny colony rotating somewhere around Jupiter? Europa has nothing on Earth: it doesn’t have real rock concerts, it doesn’t have her best friend, and it doesn’t even have transportation. The only things Europa has to offer are a gorgeous view, one cute guy, and a forgetful group of colonists striving to extend mankind’s reach into the stars.

Now Brix is stuck. Stuck with family she barely knows and a town of mysteriously forgetful colonists. Brix quickly becomes enthralled with the memory loss, as proving that Europa’s bad for her health might just be her ticket back home. Between classes at her new school and her life with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, Brix digs deeper into Europa’s industry. She’s determined to discover the cause of the amnesia. She’s going to get evidence the Europa is bad for her health, even if it means putting her life—and her memories—in jeopardy. Because there’s no way she’s going to remain on Hemlin Colony Three, not if she has any say in the matter.

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