The 365K Words A Year Goal: Update#1 (Week 2)

I said I would update on Wednesday. Last week I didn’t update and this week I’m doing it on Thursday. Maybe updates will move to Thursday? We’ll have to see moving forward. But the GREAT news is that I’ve been working so hard getting my 1K words a day written, that I’m up over 35K words! That’s almost 10%. I’m killin’ it. Mind you, I did the 3 day novel writing contest, which kicked my word count out of the park right off the bat, then I promptly had three 0 word count days in a row, but now I seem to be back on a steady pace. Here’s a glimpse at my tracker chart, where you can see how jumpy my days are.


Today is going to be a minimal word count day, as I’m switching into rewriting mode as I move Doomed Seas one step closer to release. My 1,000 words are right now focused on finishing up Twisted Currents and writing another short Black Depths Novella, called Deep Heart. This fall is going to a mammoth of Black Depths Releases, and then I’m going to have a new project for you, which I will call TH,  but first it will be NaNoWriMo, and a project I’m going to call MF, for now.


TH is drafted, but needs a rewrite. That project doesn’t count toward my 365K goal. DH and the remainder of TC do, however, which makes me think that I should be pulling up about even by the end of October, just in time to surge ahead again in November.

I would love to finish this goal over my target word count. And if I stick to my 1K a day writing goal, then I’ll currently finish 20K over target. Maybe NaNo will push that even further. I don’t know. What I do know is that it feels great at the end of the day when I’ve done my words. it also feels amazing to look at that spreadsheet and see my WCs way up there. It puts a big smile on my face. And I love smiling.

How’s your writing going these days?





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