There’s a Disaster Waiting for Me

I’m back. It was a long, and wonderful vacation, full of writing conferences, visiting with old friends, nature, and even a bit of fishing and dinosaurs…

Sadly, there was barely any reading, we just had too much to do. And now I’m home and there’s a disaster waiting for me to clean it up…


I’m hoping that somewhere under all of this mess is The Shadow Hour, a great book that I’ve been trying to finish forever so I can post a review. I think I only have about twenty pages left, so I’m really hoping I can find it soon and that the mischievous house sprites that like to misplace my things haven’t lost it forever…

When the book shows up, I’ll finish it and post my review here. If I haven’t been lost in the mountain of stuff that needs putting away. Once I’m done with the reading and the cooking I’m going to begin my new year listing (I’m much more a September New Year person than I am a January New Year person). I’ve come up with a writing challenge for myself, which I will post more of here in the next week, as well as some updates regarding the Black Depths Universe. Meanwhile, I hope you’re all enjoying these last few beautiful weeks of summer. What have  you been up to?


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