What’s Up Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Wednesday Self-Publishing update. Well, this Wednesday is a big Wednesday. It’s the Wednesday I go back to my day job.


It’s not Monday’s I dislike, it’s Wednesdays. But my year of leave is up, and I’m not making enough money to pay the bills by writing, so I’ll keep the great job that I have that can pay. The good thing is, I’m only working half hours, so hopefully I’ll still have plenty of time for writing. So we’ll see how that goes in the future. Meanwhile, if you’ve read my books and liked them, or haven’t read them but read by blog, consider buying my books or recommending them to someone, or even writing a quick online review. All of this would go a long way toward helping me reach my goal of being a full time writer. I just need to make enough to pay the bills, folks.

In other news, I got the new cover for Broken Tide. Here it is:

Marvellous! Don’t you agree? We’ve already started working on Cover #3 for Dark Shores.

What’s new with you?

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