What’s Up New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I’m excited for 2016 to begin. I have a few amazing things coming for you all this year. First off, Dark Shores, Book 3 of the Black Depths series will be released in March. So make sure to read Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch and Broken Tide before then. Before the end of the year, the Black Depths series will reach it’s conclusion, though I am not entirely sure when the fourth and final book will be released. A new standalone book, called Under Jupiter, will be release mid-year for you all to enjoy. This is science fiction, so look out all you outer space lovers, this YA adventure is for you. There will be plenty more book reviews, movie reviews, etc. this year. I will update creative projects and interesting ideas as I have them. And of course I will continue with posting a photo writing prompt every Tuesday.

Do you have any New Year’s plans? If so, I’d love to hear them. Any big aspirations in 2016?

Here is a page from my art journal with some thoughts of my own.

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