Spring Has Sprung

Living in Saskatchewan means a lonngggggggg winter.  I always feel refreshed and happy when spring arrives and love nothing more than sitting outside, walking outside, and opening the windows in my house.  Today is a beautiful day.  The snow is melting and will hopefully be gone by the end of the week.  Soon, the grass will turn green.

With spring, comes spring cleaning.  And for my writing that means re-evaluating my goals.  I’m working on Testers, my Wattpad work, and have it scheduled to wrap up in June.  See the link in the previous post if you haven’t checked it out yet.  I promise a lot more excitement to come.  The first round of the 2014 ABNA’s is announced this week.  I’m hoping to make the cut.  And then there is my meeting with the local Writer in Residence coming up in a couple weeks.  Lots to do and lots to get ready for.  And I’m excited for it all!

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