It’s been a busy month.  I keep saying I will do this regularly.  That I will use the time I’m away from my regular job to try harder at the writing thing.  And I have – at least on the writing side of things.  But lately, what I’ve decided to focus on, is the marketing side of things.  The easiest bit of which is to blog more.  So I’m going to do that.

The latest news:

Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch has been entered in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.  I’m hoping for good things from this competition.  Step one of which is to make it through to round two – the list of which will be posted on March 18th.  Even if I don’t win, I’m hoping to get a bit of exposure – getting through two or three rounds would be nice.  Because after this competition, I’m pulling the pin on Tales.  I’m sending it out into the world of self-published fiction.  The countdown starts now.

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