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If there is a best season for writing, it’s Autumn. The summer is beautiful and warm, but too busy! There is gardening, camping, visiting, the outdoors! The winter can be too dark, not to mention all the hustle of Christmas. Spring, coming out of the darkness, can be full of new ideas. But if there is a best season for writing, it’s Autumn.

Autumn is a time to settle into a project. To watch the world change colour while sipping a hot coffee. It’s cooler, a nicer time to sit inside with some words, and figure out what all this change means.

A Writer’s Autumn

I’m very happy that Autumn is here.

I’ve been able to spend a bit more time at my writing desk this past month, which is why I’m finally putting some time in for a blog post. I’m getting ready to switch my job-balance again, and while I won’t be writing full-time this time, I will be writing half-time, which is something new for me. I’m excited to see if half-time writing, half-time day job, will offer me enough balance to complete some long-lingering writing projects. While I enjoyed being a full-time writer, there is the constant worry of bills. Being a full-time fiction writer means that paycheques are not steady. Income varies month to money, even though bills remain constant. Having a half-time job should negate this worry, but it won’t chain me to a desk where I’m thinking about working on my writing projects all day long. I’ll actually be able to go work on them (at least some of the time). And I should be able to also blog a bit more too!

The best season for writing, of course, is actually whenever the time and inspiration hit you. I’ve always found that for me, this is fall. What is your best season for writing?


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