Writing, Rain, and Stealthy Cats

So yesterday was the first day of NaNo. I wanted to blog about it and wish everyone well, but I was just so busy trying to get the writing done that I had no time for blogging. So here I am, wishing everyone good luck on their writing journey!

Yesterday was the perfect day to stay indoors and write. It was cold, grey, and rainy. Fingers felt like ice after a mere minute outside. Even the magpies were rooting in the woodchips in an effort to stay warm. I took a few pictures to share, since I was surprised that there was still so much fall colour after that crazy snowstorm we had a month back. Thankfully, the snow is still gone for now, and it’s even going to get into the teens this weekend, so you might see some pictures of the sun.

Today, I will continue to write while my stealthy cat watches me from the shadows. From the looks of things, he’s not happy with the arrival of NaNo wrimo or the cold weather. He loves going outside, but not in the rain. Good luck on day 2!





First Day of Fall

I’ve already been blogging for a few weeks about how much I love fall. I’ve been collecting pictures of all kinds of fall goodness that I want to share with you. Enjoy!

My favourite Pumpkin Spice Latte all cozied up in one of my favourite scarves.

Pumpkins, leaves, and colourful displays, oh my!

Trees, trees and more trees.



And my absolute favourite tree. I wish they came in this colour all year round!