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Obviously I’m going through my book journal from 2012. City of Bones is a young-adult classic. I read this back in it’s ‘hay-day’, before it got turned into a movie and then a Netflix TV show (neither of which performed well). Here’s what I thought of the book:

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I borrowed this book from a friend, who bought it based on Amazon’s #1 rating. My friend wasn’t impressed with the book, and maybe her telling me that biased my own opinion a little bit. I didn’t find Clary to be a deep character. She doesn’t seem to have any interests beyond Simon. Though she occasionally draws, her art doesn’t come across as being important to her. Clary has no girl friends, which would have added to the depth of the story. Some parts of the novel were pretty transparent, and others seemed far-fetched (if you’ve read it you probably know what I’m talking about).

I gave City of Bones 3/5 stars. I went on to read the next two books in the series, but haven’t been interested enough to continue reading this world. I know some people absolutely love it, but I guess it just isn’t for me. I’ll be writing more about other books I’m currently reading this week.


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