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Hi All! Welcome to March and my fourth update on my project: Writing 261,000 words in a year. This month my plan is to get back to drafting, in which case my daily word count should once again increase steadily. This year, I’ve been writing a lot stops and starts. Due to the handful of projects I’ve been working on this year, including By Sapphire Light, (which I hope to share with you all soon) my writing hasn’t been as steady as the year when I wrote 365,000 words a year. And I prefer writing slow and steady.

At the beginning of my writing year, I wrote fast because I wanted to feel like I was making progress. I often find I have an easier time finishing things if I work on them steadily. But this year I’ve so far only pushed myself to work in quick, hard bursts to get drafts completed before my ideas have time to sizzle out. And I’ve been finding writing so quickly stressful.

Starting February with Some New Writing Projects

Now that it’s March, I really want to get back to slow-and-steady drafting. Not so quick, not so likely to burn out—this is what I’m hopping. I’m currently at 165,500 words written this year. (Remember my year began September 1, 2020, when I switched to writing full time). I’m well on track to reach 261,000 words a year by September 1, 2021. Currently, if I was writing the 1,000 words a day Monday to Friday that I’d planned, it would be April 19th. This all means that I’m on track to write over 261,000 words this year! This is great, because that means I’ll finish the draft of several novels this year by only writing 1,000 words a day! Drafting only 1,000 new words a day leaves plenty of time in my day for rewriting, which my drafts desperately need.

When you look at a whole year broken down into such a small daily goal, a project like writing a novel in a year feels entirely possible.

Writing 261,000 Words in a Year – Update #4 – Word Count Spreadsheet

So, what am I working on this month? First, rewrites on my main project continue. My ‘drafting’ project becomes BGG, the sequel to By Sapphire Light. BGG is already 2/3 drafted, so I should have the complete draft of BGG done by the end of March. Lately I’ve been working on some new, small projects as you can see on my spreadsheet. The end of February has a few ‘word dumps’, which means I didn’t actually write over 13,000 words in one day, it means I did a poor job tracking what I wrote on what day throughout February. So, I ended up taking the entire word count of two new short stories and a new novella and placing the total at the end of the month. I promise to be better at my tracking in March! Check in for another update soon!


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