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Young Adult book review: Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story, by Adam Rex

I picked up this audiobook on a whim before a long road trip, mostly because it was available, but also because it sounded interesting. Fat Vampire follows Doug, a fat, fifteen year-old with very low self-esteem as he attempts to adjust to his new life.


At first, I thought the book was quite funny, and I was interested in Doug, in seeing him become a better person (or vampire). But in the end, I found his lack of growth a bit off-putting. My favorite character was Sejal, Doug’s crush and an exchange student from India. This book was a case of secondary characters being stronger than the main character. This book may have worked better if it hadn’t been written mostly from Doug’s point of view, since after a while he just felt whinny. It wasn’t a bad audiobook, it was well read with a fair bit of action, but definitely not among my favs.

3/5 Stars


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