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Hi all, I know it’s already been a few weeks, but welcome to 2021! I’m trying to not get my hopes up for this year, but I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to get out a bit more in 2021 and do some writing in the cafes.

I miss writing with people around me. I miss the ambient noise and the fresh brewed lattes in colourful rounded mugs. I miss the sometimes terrible music that clashes with what I’m trying to write (which is why I always pack a set of headphones with me when I head out to do some writing on the go). This past year has brought many changes, but now that the year that shan’t be named is over, I’m looking forward to new things of my choosing.

This year I’m going to continue to blog about what I’m reading, and—of course—the writing life. I’m keeping busy day in and day out at the moment working on a handful of projects, though I still never seem to have enough time to finish them all—let alone for this blog! But, unfortunately for me, the weather turned this week which means that instead of being nice enough to still enjoy the outdoors (somewhere between 0 degC and -10degC), I’m looking at -30 degC temperatures over the next week, so maybe I’ll finally get a few small projects off my list.

So, at this point I’m taking requests. Is there anything that any of you readers would like me to blog about this year? What kind of things are one your mind?

My mind is primarily filled with books—writing them or reading them. I set my Goodreads reading goal at 64 books for 2021, which will be one more book than I’ve ever read in a year (since I began tracking), so I hope to achieve that.

Books on my To Be Read shelf!

And for writing, well, my current goal is write 8 books this year, but I think that’s a bit too high (insert maniacal laughter here). So I may have to reassess that soon—but I don’t want to give up on any of my book writing dreams this year or my project babies! Does anyone else have this problem? How do I keep it realistic??? Just kidding, don’t worry about me. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that at least three of my planned projects will just remain on my virtual shelf for the year and I will imagine them longingly with somewhat regularity.

But…there’s always hope, right?

Here’s to a New Year and Reach Goals, because if you aren’t reaching, then why are you on your tippy-toes?


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