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Do you know a girl who loves books? I do. In fact, I am one. So today I’m going to give you my top 10 gift ideas for girls who love books. This is all stuff that I’ve found on my online “window shopping” that I totally crave. Hopefully, you’ll find something on this list that the reader you know and love will crave too.

  1. Leg Warmers

Maybe it’s because, for me, Christmas is all about snow and snow is all about warmth and comfort. But I have a serious desire to get some leg warmers or ‘reading socks’ this Christmas. It’s always nice to be warm when reading.

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2. Reader Themed Mug

Along with being warm, I like to have a warm drink by my side when I’m spending a winter day indulging in a book. I own so many mugs that my husband has tried to ban me from buying more, but it hasn’t stopped me. Especially when it comes to mugs decorated with imagery from my favourite fictional worlds.





3. Bookplates

I love reading. I love books. I love owning books. I love marking those books as my own so that I can rest assure that when I lend them to people they will make their way back to me. Bookplates are great not just for fiction, but for notebooks, binders, or anything else needing a ‘This Belongs To’ sign.


4. Reading Journal


As an avid reader, i track what I read. I use Goodreads to do this, but I also keep a notebook, just in case I ever forget my password and also because I like writing things down with pen. Is there anything better than doodling on piece of paper.


5. Book Themed Adult Colouring Books


Adult colouring books are everywhere these days. They came into popularity sometime last year, and have stuck around. I own two and I love them. The popular young adult Throne of  Glass series released a colouring book earlier this year, or there are always classics to choose from like Alice in Wonderland.


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6. Book-Turned-Movie Movie Soundtracks


Some of the hottest Young Adult Books are made into movies, and those movies have been given stellar soundtracks featuring some of today’s best selling artists. On the Miss. Peregrine’s soundtrack, you’ll find Florence and the Machine, and Pink has a stunning track on the Alice Through the Looking Glass soundtrack.

7. Pillows

I believe I’ve already hit on how I love to be both warm and comfortable when reading, though I will read in such uncomfortable places as the subway, a cafe, an on any public bench when I’m killing time waiting for someone. But at home, I’m going to make sure I’m reading some place I can really relax.

8. Soft Blankets

Can I just say see #7 above? Soft fur blankets or fan fic favourites are my picks!

9. Book Bag

Book lovers will probably go gaga over book themed library bags. I use them not only on my trips to and from my local library, but also just around town for groceries, or to stock up on books when I’m heading out of town on a long trip. Sure, I have an ereader, but I have to pack real books too, because what if—GASP—everything electronic stops working?

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And of course, what would be a list of gifts to give a book lover without mentioning books? But it can be difficult to buy a reader a book. It’s always a worry that they will have already bought the book you picked out, or that it just isn’t their style, so when all else fails, go with a gift card, this way the reader can choose just what kind of happy ending they want to read about.


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