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I have been blogging for more years that I can count. I’m what I like to call a casual blogger. I don’t have a regular schedule, though I try. I don’t write something every week, though I feel bad when I don’t. And I don’t often change my image. I think the previous purple colour and old book header had been around for something like four years (at least). It was possibly longer but time just flies for me lately. I actually woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday and planning to have a nice, slow, quiet cup of coffee, and had actually started making it (in my pajamas), before I realized that it’s Monday. Has that ever happened to you? I’m pretty sure it happens to us all but for some reason this morning was extra disorienting.

Hide me, all this construction is loud!

So, Monday it was, and Monday it is, and now here I am revamping the blog for 2021. I love the clean white background, the new header image (did you know orange is my favourite colour?), and the new tools that I have at my disposal. I’m also adding the By Sapphire Light image to the sidebar so everyone can enjoy its beauty.

There are many reasons for a blog makeover, but for me, this change is about freshness. Making over a blog is like painting your living room, or perhaps your entryway. All the old content is there, the posts are still floundering about, but they have different font now, the background is different. They are suddenly fresh and new again, and it feels just like the year I painted my entryway orange. It put a smile on my face every time I walked into my house. Then later I sold that house and the orange entryway and I’ve missed it ever since. (On a side note, I once drove by the old house and saw that the new owner had repainted the entryway white – how dare they!)

The new blog might take some getting used to (especially if purple was your favourite colour), but don’t worry, it’s still the same me behind the keys. Just with a different haircut.

What do you think?


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