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Hi All!

Today is a fantastic day here in Saskatoon, warm, sunny, and nothing but blue sky. So it felt like a great day to launch my VLOG. I’ve had this a ‘to-do’ on my list for sometime. And today I actually got around to record a ‘bit about me’ type video in my office, and now I have a VLOG! Now, I just recorded this on my phone and don’t have any special equipment, so I hope that the quality is okay. The video is up on my YouTube Channel, which is quite bare yet, but I’m planning to add more content over the next weeks and months.

I’m a bit nervous about the VLOG, to be honest. But over the past few months I’ve become addicted to YouTube and thought it would just be a fun, creative thing to make some videos and share a lit bit more about myself and my writing with the world. So, if you want to learn a bit more about J.E. Hunter, this is the place.

To get to my YouTube Channel, you can either click on my picture above, or you can find me by click this link here. On my channel, I hope to talk a lot about writing, books, and creativity. Is there anything you will like to see me record a video of? Do you have any burning questions about the Black Depths or Artifacts of Avalum series? If so, drop me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.


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