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Apologies for my brief absence. Over the past couple of months, I was completely wrapped up finishing a draft of a large project. That project is wrapped up (or at least the third draft of it is). I hope to get back to it in the fall, but for now, it is summer. And for the season, I thought I’d share with you an update on my summer and writing life.

This summer I’m very lucky. I don’t have a boss or a day job—I’m just a writer. And, as I’ve wrapped up the project that has consumed my life for the past ten months, I’m also free to explore.

Exploring beaches this summer!

I’d have to say that one of the reasons I’m drawn to the writing life is the freedom to explore. As a writer of multiple genres, I often go where my imagination takes me. I’d say I generally have too many ideas. I’m easily drawn down the rabbit hole of things I come across that I find interesting. When I’m working on one project, I find it difficult to concentrate and blank out all the interesting distractions around me. Which is why I’m so glad it’s summer!

We’ve already gotten out and about a bit this summer. Exploring some new to us places. And this July and August we’ll be exploring more. I’m also hoping to begin the rewrite of the second Gemology Saga book, the draft of which I finished this spring and have left largely untouched. I’m also hopeful (though don’t really expect) to draft the third Gemology Saga book this summer.

I know there are many writers and writing coaches out there that say it is important to “write every day,” but I met a writer who once told me they take two months off every summer because in summer it is “impossible to focus on writing”. I have to say, I agree with both sides. My summer writing life involves me taking a lot of time off, but at the same time I keep doing things that are “writing related”, if not writing itself.

First, I read. I have so many reading plans for this summer. Currently I’m reading the Murderbot Diaries (I love Murderbot!) by Martha Wells. I’m on a brief break of reading nearly everything that Diane Johnson ever wrote. I read Le Divorce because it is one of the books recommended in Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose, and I absolutely loved it. This led me to order all the Diane Johnson books I could find. So I now have a nice stack beside my bed.

Second, I journal. I don’t journal every day. But if I skip a day or two my anxieties build up and I find myself needing to get back to the page. My journaling, however, is not fiction writing. It’s more life writing or planning writing.

Third, I daydream.

So, you can see I’m not writing fiction much. But I find by taking space in the summertime, my writing life is refreshed. What happens is new ideas begin to pop into my head. And then I start writing the new ideas down. And eventually, one idea grips me so firmly that it becomes my next project.

So, that’s where I’m at. This means that hopefully I’ll also get around to blogging—and vlogging—more. And will have more to share with you soon.

I hope you’re finding fun this summer as well.


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