Life as a Full-Time Writer: The End of an Era

Well, I’m sad to say that my days of sitting in my basement all alone and writing stories has come to an end. Or am I? I had a wonderful four months working from home on a collection of literary short stories, thanks to the wonderful Saskatchewan Arts Board, who awarded me a grant. If it wasn’t for people who support the arts, I never would have  got this time, which means I never would have developed fantastic new stories to share with you and the world.

But good times can’t last forever. At least not until I get enough sales to replace my annual salary (which is a pretty good size). And part of me missed my day job. I missed having coworkers to visit with, I missed my afternoon walks around the pond and through the garden, somedays I even missed the cafeteria.

But, I’m pretty sure I will miss the writing life more. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and by that, I mean I’ve always wanted to spend eight hours a day coming up with characters and stories and events, and thinking about ‘what ifs’ ‘and thens’ and ‘maybe’. I’ve never dreamed that writing would be less work than this, and after my four months off, I know it’s not. In fact, it’s often more than eight hours a day because once I could immerse myself in writing full-time, the thinking rarely stopped. My mind was free to roam, and I didn’t have to force it to concentrate on contracts and applications and coworking. It was wonderful.

It seems (from all the internet articles about it), that being able to afford being a full-time writer is a more and more difficult thing. Whether it’s due to the abundance of free articles and stories on the web, changing media (to television, to film, to Twitter), I can’t say. And maybe it has always been difficult to make a living from art. Maybe it’s always been that a couple of people are lucky and the rest of us are relatively unknown. All I do know is that I have my plan to write, whether it’s on the weekend or late in the evening, I will always be writing, because I love it. Not because I hope to become rich and famous, but because I love to think, I love to think about our world and what powers humans, and I love to think about possible other worlds, other realities, and other possibilities. A writer is just what I am.

Now that I’ve finished up a couple major projects, I’m moving on to the next step in the process, which is shopping those projects around and trying to find them a home. Meanwhile, it is also Camp NaNoWriMo, so I’ve also returned back to writing genre fiction, which is a nice break from the literary, though-provoking work I was doing (Not that my genre fiction isn’t somewhat though provoking—at least, I hope it is). To that end, stay  in touch for updates regarding upcoming presentations and publications, or because otherwise I’ll miss you.

Cheers to work well done!

Thanks for reading!

What I’m Reading: The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth

Young Adult Book Review: The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth

I’m going to start out by saying, if you read my review of Carve the Mark then you likely know what I’m going to say about The Fates Divide. There were multiple points where I was confused, where things didn’t seem to make sense. Mainly, in The Fates Divide, it was character description. To me, I felt like people actually changed how they looked in this book. And Yma, she has white hair in The Fates Divide, yet in Carve the Mark I was under the impression that Yma was trying to seduce Ryzek. So yeah, confused.


That said, what I love about Roth’s writing is her ability to describe what it is to want to belong. Both the Divergent series and Carve the Mark have this same theme: do we chose to belong, or do we belong to who or what we are born? What choice do we have in our own lives, in our destiny? I love that Roth asks this question, and does so in a way that feels natural.


The Carve the Mark world was vivid, even if I was confused. There was a lack of description of things like space flight—exactly how far apart are these planets? How long does it take to get to one from another? I’m a scientist, this is the kind of information I want to know!

Overall, I would give The Fates Divide 3/5 Stars, mostly because by the end I just really felt like I wanted to be done. Though I will say that the ending was much better than the ending of the Divergent series.


What I’m Writing Now: Artifacts of Avalum Book 3

Well, now that Artifacts of Avalum Book 2, The Circlet, is out, I’m all ready to finish up AOA Book 3. I can’t remember if I’ve released the title of this book yet (I’ve just been so busy writing). But if I haven’t, here it is:

The Chain

I’m looking forward to writing this finally instalment in Aurora and Garret’s love story. I’ll actually be doing this lakeside, which sounds like a nice break from my cold basement. Cold dark basement to beautiful blue lake: which would you rather?

Catch up with me in two weeks when I have the cover reveal for book 3!