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Yesterday I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a long time, some one I may have once considered myself friends with, but now would be more of acquaintance/frenemy territory.  This made me wonder about life paths.  Would life be different if we were still friends?  Would life be the same and we would have fallen out over something else?  In other words, is our life path truly variable?

I’ve always thought the biggest test of this is my own inability to go back in time and actually end up on a different path.  I can’t time travel and I can’t change the past.  That has to be proof that I’m on the path I’m meant to be on, right?  That’s what I like to think.  It sounds better when i’ve made no mistakes.

But, what if I’m living the wrong life?  Or, in terms of my penchant for creative writing, what if I have a character who is living the wrong life?  What is a wrong life?  Is it working the wrong job, living in the wrong house, marrying the wrong person?

I love my house and my husband, but as for my day job, let’s just say it’s not the best fit.  Which is why I’m still working so hard on being a writer.  Why I will edit Tales again and again in the hopes that it one days finds a publisher.  And, well, if it doesn’t, there’s always SW.

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