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Day 30 is here and I pulled in just over the line at 50,065 words!

See my fabulous bragging banner:

And just in case you haven’t had enough celebrating:

I love it, Ms. Hunter – dragon slayer.  Or novel slayer.  Slayer of both dragons and hunters.
But best of all, now I have time to work on some other projects. #1 of which is finishing reading the Wheel of Time series (I’ve been working on this for a year and half already).
I’m super pumped I made it through Nano this year.  It was a tough go for me, writing in a genre new to me, and working full time with a young child.  Yep, lots of work, but I persevered.  I made it. I’m a winner!
Congratulations to all the other winners out there!  I hope you enjoy your new found free time as much as I will.

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