J. E. H U N T E R

A writer of young adult fiction specializing in self-publishing, creativity, and writing.

Whenever I’m writing full-time, and writing moves from hobby to job, I find I need a new hobby to do during the evenings and on the weekend to help me recoup form all the mad writing I’ve been doing all day or week.

Lately, I’ve discovered junk journaling. I’ve always journaled, and my journals have always been colourful, interesting things where I record all sorts of stuff. I glue in and save all kinds of things in my journals such as tickets and pictures. But discovering junk journaling has opened a whole new level of journaling to me. It’s like I’ve been playing a video game for years and have finally arrive at level 50!

I’ve also been interested in sharing more via video. So mixing those two together resulted in uploading my first ever junk journal video of my little poetry junk journal. I’ve embedded the video here for your convienicne. Please keep in mind this video was largely a trial (I have absolute none of the right equipment), but, as it was simple to film and upload, I may invest in something for future videos. Would you like to see more video content on here? Let me know what you think!

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