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Somewhere in the past week I was sure that I’d posted an update, but I guess my much needed break ran away with me. It is an amazing feeling to accomplish a goal, even if it is last minute and by the tip of your pinkie. But I did it, I typed the last word, wrapped up one last project, took a break, and now it is time to switch goals. And what a good time to do it as the season is also changing!

As part of my celebration I went out and purchased some of my favourite things: books! I also drank coffee, gorged on mouth-melting cinnamon buns, and made salsa fresh from my garden. Over the next couple months, I plan on reading and getting The Torc ready for publication.

The next twelve months are going to be a year of rewriting. I will still work on some drafts, but I’m slowing down my word count in order to focus on beautifying my completed first drafts that have been gathering dust for months to years, and I’m truly-possibly for the first time ever-looking forward to rewriting.

Like I said, a complete change of pace. I’m still going g to blog about what I’m reading about and what I’m writing about, but of course there will be no word count updates, but project updates.

Join me. We’ll have a blast!


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