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My progress over the past couple of weeks has been spotty but great! I’m pushing to get a draft done, and I write best when I keep a draft flowing continuously for as long as possible, without taking breaks for side projects or rewriting. This is my novel writing process, it might not be everyone’s, but it works for me.

I think my process comes from over ten years of doing NaNoWriMo. Of course, it’s now October, which already has me in NaNo plotting mode, but there is a lot I need to get off my plate first (more on that later). Because NaNo requires writing a complete first draft in the month of November (or 50,000 words, which may or may not be a complete draft), I’ve trained myself to push through and write a story from start to finish in around 30 days.

With my current work in progress, I’ve been working on it slowly for a longer amount of time, but lately I’ve begun to felt the need to push through, which means I’ve had some bigger days. Here’s where I’m currently at:

I’m almost double where I need to be if I were sticking to my minimum of 1,000 words every workday for a year! This is exciting for a few reasons: 1) if I keep this up, I will be able to write more than 261,000 words in a year, and 2) if I need a break, I can afford to take one.

Currently, I am planning on taking a breather before NaNoWriMo. You can see that while I had three really productive days this week, I’ve really slowed down. This tends to mean I’m reach a bit of a burnout when it comes to sitting in my desk typing away.

Here in Canada, this weekend is Thanksgiving, so I’m also thinking there will be a lot of break time this weekend, though I’m hoping to keep the flow going by writing a few words here and there.

I’ll let you know how I’m progressing in another week or two. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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