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Today is the first day of February, and I thought I would try something new: planning out my reading for the upcoming month. I still haven’t finished a couple books I began in January, Do Not Say We Have Nothing and A Torch Against The Night, both of which I hope to finish this weekend. IMG_5251

Then, since I’ve decided that 2018 is my year of “finishing/reading trilogies” I’m finally going to read Library of Souls. I need to read Deep Work by Cal Newport this month as well, as I prepare for my four months of full-time writing (I can’t wait!). Scarlet, the second book of the Lunar Chronicles is on my list for near the end of the month, and then, in the hopes that I still have time, I’m planning to read Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal as it has been on my shelf forever.

What are you planning on reading this month?


4 thoughts on “February 2018 Reading Stack

  1. A.J. Reeves says:

    I highly recommend Scarlet, if you liked Cinder than you’ll love it. I think it was the best in the series, I love the new characters as well as the plot. As far as reading goes I am planning on conquering Emma by Austen, and Midsummer Night’s Dream (because anything the considers calling someone an acorn an insult is fabulous)

    1. byjehunter says:

      I love Emma, anything by Jane Austen really. I have tackled Midsummer Night’s Dream yet.

      1. A.J. Reeves says:

        Jane Austen is pretty fabulous so far sense and sensibility has been my favorite

  2. byjehunter says:

    I think mine is Persuasion, but that has changed a few times.

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