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Where to start? I’ve been so busy with writing events this week that I haven’t had much time left to blog, especially when trying to fit in my 1,000 words a day of drafting and some rewriting. I’m currently running right on target and I’m going to have to try to fit in a marathon day sometime soon to get my cushion up again. I like having a cushion. It keeps me comfortable. I attended multiple readings this week and a small seminar put on by the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild, called Writing North. This years theme was Mutations, and it was interesting to hear so much discussion about change.



As a writer busy with rewrites, things are constantly changing for me. A word here, a sentence there, a whole chapters. Characters, colours, sounds. Everything changes during a rewrite. Nothing is sacred, everything is on the line. I have to say that I’m enjoying rewriting at the moment. When life is busy, or higher stress, I find rewriting easier than drafting because the pressure is off. Though sometimes I just have to draft to get some of the stress out. But mostly I like rewriting. This past week was pull of coffee and tea and all kinds of words. Here are a couple of my favourite pictures for the week, including the muffins I made tonight:

This week I’m going to announce more about my rewriting project. I’m so excited. It’s something that’s been sitting around my desk forever so it’s so fun to prepare it for the world!

I just tried to touch my laptop screen to autocorrect a word like I do on my tablet. I’m taking that as a sign that I’m too tired to continue tonight. You should see a bit more of me this week, as there aren’t any writing events. Talk later!


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