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Hi All! I’m so excited because today is By Sapphire Light book release day! This sun has even come out this morning in celebration. We had a huge winter storm yesterday, so the change in weather feels like a sign of good things to come for By Sapphire Light. I’ve been bringing this book together for almost two years now. It always feels good to release a new book out into the world after spending so much time with it. I just hope you all love it as much as I do.

By Sapphire Light is the first book in my new Gemology Saga, a steampunk fantasy series set in a gem powered world. You can find the blurb in my previous post here. As it is By Sapphire Light book release day, I decided to do a photoshoot. I had a fun time this morning taking some pictures of the book with my coffee. The cover looks fantastic this way, doesn’t it? My cat seemed to think so too, as he tried to cuddle right up next to it.

Currently, By Sapphire Light is only available on Kindle, as I wanted the book to be in the Kindle Unlimited Program for a while. I will be sure to let you know when By Sapphire Light is available on the other platforms. But for now, I hope you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

You can find By Sapphire Light on Amazon.com here, and on the Amazon Canada store here.

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