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I’ve been pretty quiet for the past week. That’s because I’m gearing up for my birthday, which is tomorrow, and my trip to that really happy place: the bookstore.

There are so many different book stores, there are new ones and old ones and small ones and big ones, stores for new books and stores for old books. And they all make me so happy. There’s just something about the atmosphere. It’s like I step into a book store and am just overwhelmed by all the words and pictures and collective thoughts and I just can’t help but smile. Given no time constraints, I could browse for hours. But on average i’d say that I spend one hour opening select books and reading a few lines, searching for what captures and holds my attention. In today’s world, there is an over abundance of books (maybe…I”m not too sure about this but some people think there is such a thing as too many books), it can be very difficult to choose.

Here is my suggestion for choosing a book:

  1. Pick up the book, open it about on third the way through. This is often where it gets pretty interesting. Read it. Do you like the style? The action? The dialogue? If it doesn’t make you want to read more, put it back and continue browsing.
  2. A recommendation made to you by someone you know who has similar taste in books (but doesn’t actually eat them).

Now, I probably shouldn’t be negative, but there are more ways I have for NOT choosing a book:

  1. By Smell.
  2. By On-line Reviews and Star Ratings (there are sooooo many fake reviews out there – more on this later), unless you know they come for a credible source.
  3. By Cover.
  4. By Taste (see above).

Tomorrow, this is what I’ll be doing. Weighing my selections and spending my book shopping savings wisely. I can’t wait.



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