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I know, it’s a been a long time—a really long time—since I’ve blogged. I’ve got a good reason for that, which I’ll get into during another post, because today I want to talk about one of my latest reads: Ghost of a Summoning by J.E. McDonald, because today just happens to be its launch day. So welcome to my book review of Ghost of a Summoning.

I jumped at the chance to review Ghost of a Summoning by J.E. McDonald, who happens to be a friend of mine, as well as a really great writer. Ghost of a Summoning is J.E. McDonald’s third book, and is both a fabulous paranormal romance and the third book in the Wickwood Chronicles. While the Wickwood Chronicles is a series, each book features a different duo, which makes it easy to jump in at any point. 

Ghost of a Summoning by J.E. McDonald

Ghost of a Summoning follows Aubrey, a sweet, antique store owner with a ghost for a best friend, and Roman, a darkly mysterious demon hunter who has reason to believe Aubrey will be end of Wickwood. 

Right from the start, both Aubrey and Roman charmed their way into my heart. I’ve honestly never wanted to own an antique store more. This wickedly compelling story is full of action and romantic tension and had enough mystery to keep me flipping the pages well past my regular bedtime. This book also has guest appearances by some of my favorite characters from the previous books, and of course features Wickwood, a quaint town with a paranormal twist that I’d love to visit. 

But the real draw of this story is the way the romance builds between Aubrey and Roman, both of which are scared to get close to others. But their romance is sweet, sexy, and utterly believable. And while Aubrey and Roman are trying to figure out one another and just how they feel, Roman is also trying to determine how an amazing woman like Aubrey could cause the end of the world. I’m not going to give anything away, but I will tell you that the book will have you guessing right until the end.

5/5 Stars


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