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Hi All! Today I’m here to give you the previously mentioned promised update on how I’m living my creative life. There have been a lot of changes recently, which have all been planned for, but which create discord none-the-less.

Last year, I was lucky enough to have funding, savings, and time to take a year off from the regular office-life work-life and be my own boss for a full year. I spent that year mostly working on a literary novel project that I’m still fiddling around with. To be honest, my year of being a full-time writer wasn’t everything I’d hoped and expected it would be, mostly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I’d hope that during my full-time writing year I’d be able to still meet face-to-face with my writing group, go out to cafés and spend mornings writing, visit regularly with friends and family, but thanks to restrictions and the virus, I spent a lot more time isolated in my home office than I really wanted.

Enjoying the last of my summer time full-time writing life.

I know some writers would have absolutely loved this. But I guess I’m not quite as introverted as I thought, and I really missed having coworkers. That’s why I was glad to get back to a real office this September. Knowing that I was heading back to a corporate job meant rushing to focus in on writing projects and get more stuff done this summer. And also to focus in on reading some books. Because what tends to suffer most when I have a full-time corporate job is my reading and writing time. So naturally, one of the first things to get pushed to the side was this blog.

Now that I’m settled back into the office life (and happy to have a regular paycheque again), I’m trying to squeeze out a bit of time for blogging. I’m also working on writing books 2 and 3 of The Gemology Saga. The first book, By Sapphire Light, I released earlier this year. I was hoping to have already finished both book 2 and 3, but my literary book project took a lot more time and energy than I’d planned for. But I’m glad I did it and pushed myself to do that project, because I do love it, even though I worry it’s not quite right yet.

I think you still have a lot of work to do here…

So why not continuing being a full-time writer forever, you ask? Well, the number one answer to that question is money. While I make some money from writing, my writing earnings are far from my six-figure corporate earnings (which also come with plenty of benefits). But this past year has also taught me it’s about stimulation. What I lacked most of all when I was at home writing everyday by myself (in a world locked in by coronavirus), was that I wasn’t stimulated enough. I am not a high-energy individual (at least compared to a lot of people I know), but I do have at least medium energy, and that energy needs new interests and challenges. I find it much easier to work 8 hours a day at my corporate job where I have last-minute items constantly thrown at me, challenges that need to be thought out and overcome, and that’s very different than the slower-pace of writing challenges that I sometimes need to think over for days or weeks (or maybe I just let myself have this much time when I shouldn’t). I used to think that I absolutely, 100% wanted to be a full-time writer. But now I know I don’t. But I do, however, also know I don’t want to be an absolutely, 100%, corporate employee forever either. Which is why I have my own “unconventional” work-life plan, which is to currently take term positions, help companies out when they need someone to fill a shorter-term vacancy (such as a year-long maternity leave), and in between my corporate stints, to take some 100% dedicated time for writing.

So, for now, that’s where I’m at: transitioning once more into part-time writer. I have a long list of projects I want to get to, and a lot less time to complete them in, but already I’m feeling like I’m making better use of my time. And for now, I think I’ll leave it at that. But don’t worry, I have plenty more posts planned about building a creative life that works for you.

Cheers! JEH

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