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I’ve been wanting to dive a bit deeper lately into what I do. Since switching over to full-time writing again last September (September 2020), I’ve been readjusting to the life and schedule of writing full-time. Previously, when I had a high-pressure job, writing was something that I slipped in on the evenings and the weekends, and occasionally at lunch hour. Side note: I actually really miss my lunch hour writing sessions, I used to go to the food court at the mall near my work and people watch and do some Freewriting and it was so great for generating ideas.

The switch from part-time writing to full-time has come with a change in mindset, to be sure. When I had a day job, writing on the side was something I always looked forward too, something that I couldn’t wait to get back to. Now, writing on a schedule that is generally Monday to Friday 8:30 – 3 (with some extra hours on Wednesday nights and weekends) I find that some days I do not want to write. I want to paint or do some art journalling or junk journalling. I want to take a break from my projects. Writing has definitely become more ‘work like’. And my office has become according messy to be sure. Here is a snapshot of my writing desk, which I really need to sort out.

Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love writing and I’m so grateful that I’m getting to do this as my job right now, but like any job, the hours can get long. So, there are somethings that I’ve found to break up what can easily become monotonous and repetitive, because I want my writing to continue to be fresh and fun. This includes breaking my regular day into sessions, beginning with freewriting, then moving to drafting, and in the afternoon focusing on rewriting. Of course, depending on what my focus is at the moment, sometimes I spend a whole day drafting, or an entire day rewriting (which has been what I’ve been doing in the past couple weeks).

This past week, as I’ve been getting closer to By Sapphire Light being ready for publishing, I’ve also been doing a few different things. As a self-publisher, I do many ‘jobs’ that aren’t writing, and this actually brings some excitement into my work. So this past week, I met with one of my Beta Readers over coffee to discuss By Sapphire Light and other books, I contacted my cover artist to kick things off for the cover of Book 2 (which is called By Garnet Glow), and I contacted the editor I use to book my slot for editing. All of this side work helps to keep things fresh. I love doodling little sketches to determine what I want my next cover to look like, and I love moving through the process and seeing the progress on the cover from week to week.

This past week has mostly been a break from my main project (which isn’t BSL). During ‘break’ weeks, I spend some time drafting and playing around with short stories, poems, novellas, and new novels that are in ‘developement’. I try to use some of my open time to generate ideas for new projects that I’m excited for. Next week I’m going to move back into crazy drafting mode, but I think I’ll save that description for another blog post.

All in all, I’d call this rather busy week a success (although somehow I never feel that I’ve gotten enough done in a week, even if I’ve managed to finish a new draft or a rewrite). But I’m trying to change my mind set, because I’m both the worker at the boss, I have to ensure I have reasonable expectations. Now, time to tackle the messy desk, and get prepped for next week.


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