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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a word count chart, so here it is:


I’m feel much better about how I’ve performed this week. There was only one day I wrote nothing, and the rest of the days were very close to one thousand words. Which is good. One thousand words a day is pretty achievable for me, but isn’t so much that it wears me out. I’m making good progress on a short novella, and am happy with how it is going. On the 19th, I wrote 1,900 words on this story without even batting an eye. I was so into the writing that for once I wasn’t watching my word count with loathing and counting the seconds until I would be at 1,000 words. Now that is a good day.

I’m also glad I’m doing so well on the approach to Christmas. I might attempt to write a little bit extra over the next couple of days so that I don’t have to work on the holidays. Everyone deserves a holiday. Even a writer. Even me. I’ve loaded up the fridge with delicious food, and am looking forward to eating cheese for at least three days straight. I’m also beginning to do a bit of re-writing. Writing 1,000 words a days leaves me a lot of time for re-writes, which typically take longer than drafting. At least for me.

Happy first day of winter!




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