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I’ve been skipping updates, skipping writing sessions, just skipping everything! I’ve been a bad student, although, since I realized this last week, things have improved somewhat and I have written 600-1000 words 6 out of 7 days in the past week. Yesterday was only 350….

Anyway, continuing to improve going forward. What I’ve learnt is that NaNo was just too much. I burnt myself out. NaNo used to be easy. I used to be young and carefree and full of energy and life didn’t seem to have interruptions, and now I’m in my thirties and life is like “hey, over here!” “No, over here!” and I’m constantly being pulled away from what I would like to be doing (i.e.. writing). Although I suppose if I’m honest, I’ve also been fitting in time for painting and baking. But the baking is for Christmas, so that’s okay, right?

The good thing about the frigid cold that feels like it will kill you in minutes (I mean, you step outside with bare skin and it HURTS), anyway, the good thing is that there have been these amazing sundogs which look like three suns rising on the horizon in the morning and like big, circular rainbows around the sun later in the day. There have also been gorgeous looking frosty mornings. If only it would be frosty and sundoggy without the cold.


So, it’s time to brew the coffee (I was going to post this last night and then fell asleep), and get writing. There will be another post up today. But until later, have a great weekend.


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