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So, it’s almost an entire month in, and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how the crazy lady with the 365K words in a  year goal is doing. Well, I’m great. Busy. Crazy, and have just fought of a cold, but I’m great. I am totally in love with fall right now, and plan on finishing reading Empire of Storms tonight. Things are looking up!


But I haven’t been writing my 1K words a day. Instead, I’ve been rewriting. I’ve been finding it pretty difficult to split my focus between rewriting something and writing something new, so I’ve dropped drafting for the moment. I should finish up the rewriting today, which means I’ll be getting back at drafting 1K words a day. Overall, I’m still ahead of my goal, mostly thanks to one killer weekend. I’m planning a second one of those weekends, as there are two things I would like to finish drafting and rewriting before NaNoWriMo begins in November. Both of those projects are around 40-50% drafted, so this a goal that is highly achievable, especially since I’ve planned to have more dedicated writing time in October. Come November, things are going to get more difficult as I’m picking up more hours at my day job.


When it comes to the other 3 goals, I have to admit I’ve gotten sidetracked (worked on more than the 5 pre-determined projects), I haven’t gone to gym even once (feeling horrible), but I am checking in on a Thursday, so that has to be worth something! One thing the check-ins are doing is making me very conscious of what I’ve been doing with my writing time. Next weeks chart should look a lot different, primarily because I’ve scheduled time to write in the upcoming week. So hopefully when you check back in, you’ll see how much farther I’ve come.

Till next week,



3 thoughts on “365K in a Year: Update #3

  1. You’re still writing so it’s all good.

  2. lgould171784 says:

    I find rewriting as challenging and time-consuming as writing a first draft, so I would certainly not feel guilty about the time devoted to it!

    1. byjehunter says:

      That’s so true! I think I might add up the word ‘difference’ when rewrites are complete, as I tend to add words, filling in scenes and such, during my rewrites. Maybe I can divide it over the days and allot myself an average…

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